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There are 3 bands with the name Pentacle (Dutch, French, Philippines): 1) Dutch death metal band. Chained within the mythical realms of primeaval black/death metal, so graciously unveiled in the early 80's by hallowed cults such as Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Messiah, Destruction, Necrovore, Bathory, Treblinka, Slaughter (CAN) and Necrophagia, Pentacle's sepul­chral tribute, to this unforgotten legacy, started back in winter '89/'90 when Mike (guitar), Wannes (bass/vocals) and Marc (drums) joined forces... After so many years of active service, the musical concept of the band is still firmly rooted in the golden ‘80’s, though remains far from being a mere copycat of the forefathers of extreme Metal. Don’t make the mistake to file Pentacle under the current retro-trend. They started performing their music when only a selected ( and loyal) audience still was interested in this honest style of music. Others sailed the seas of successive trends. Pentacle didn’t. Together with an obscure, yet individual lyrical approach, the band always worked hard to create a personal style, based on ancient Metal values. Remember this when listening to Pentacle’s releases... --- 2) French progressive rock band. Their single album "La Clef Des Songes" (released in 1975) was one of the best 70's French prog albums. Line-up: Claude Mentrier - keys, Michael Roy - drums, Richard Tribier - bass, acoustic guitar, Gerald Reuz - guitars, vocals. - - - - PENTACLE all female hardcore band from Bicol, Philippines Pentacle is composed of: * Anya T. San Jose on vocals * Beth Soriano on bass * Alyssa Marie Abad on drums * Fritzi Emily Pasumbal * Chellsea May Bandojo on guitars. PENTACLE is included in the MUSIKMAX BICOL compilation CD with their songs - Save Me Your Majesty - Lusus Naturae

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