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Pentatones biography

The Pentatones sound is based upon jazz, electronica and sneaky beats. With moody vibes they capture the tension as if they directed quite a number of film noir-movies. You listen, you pause, after only a few bars. What will be the next move? And why? As sounddesigners for several agencies the songwriter, arrangers and cousins Schnigg and Hannes take advantage of their experience with sounds made for films. Delhia on her part gained experience in singing on various releases and fills the music with her deep lyrics in English. On stage film-sequences naturally come together with the musical happening. Pentatones play with electronic devices, doublebass, vocals, drums and a fender-rhodes. Not only Delhias voice gets chased and looped through the sampler, but also anything developing from the situation. All that is part of a cool and forward-pushing sound, structured as well as improvised. Support also comes from the pianist Albrecht Ziepert (rhodes, piano, synthies). The visual and audio-addicts Pentatones love extensive productions. That´s why next to their own stage show they also work on a further project called E.N.T.E.R.! Since autumn 2005 and in cooperation with the image-specialist-duo and VJ-team YouAreWatchingUs and Bauhaus Universitiy Weimar, this project, (a more performance-like stageplay) is about to go new ways between concert, theatre and film. It creates an interactive performance via music, video, dance and advanced techniques containing issues of social-critical background. Images emerge for and through music, controlled and modulated by the actors on stage. Since they practically became a unit by working together very close on their project „E.N.T.E.R.“, Pentatones and YouAreWatchingUs are going to stage most of the Pentatones-shows together.

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