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Pentatonik biography

1. Pentatonik (UK) is the name of R.Simeon Bowring's solo project combining electronic and live instrumentation. Simeon Bowring is best know for his musical projects Pentatonik and A1 People and has written and released six albums and over twenty singles under those names. He released his first album Anthology in 1994 on Deviant Records. After a break of around 11 years (to pursue his other project A1 People) Bowring released The Five Angles (2006). HIs latest album A Thousand Paper Cranes is due out soon in 2009. Both albums are signed to Hydrogen Dukebox Records. The music of Pentatonik combines strong melodies, classical progressions and experimental electronic soundscapes. The sound is both subtle and epic at the same time. The Five Angels has been compared to Nyman, Glass and Vangelis and CMU daily said ' ... the results just stop you in your tracks. "TFA" is simply an immense listening experience, containing some of the most beautiful music you're likely to hear.' His latest album A Thousand Paper Cranes is scheduled for release in Japan in December 2008 and the rest of the world in March 2009. It is regarded as his most ambitious project to date combining electronic sounds with orchestral instrumentation to create a huge dynamic vista of sound with sweeping melodies. Bowring is also known for his other project A1 People which he founded in 1997 with collaborator Tom Crook. In complete contrast to Pentatonik he started writing raw edged electro and electro house. The sound takes in many areas crossing over into break beat and other genres and their work includes many collaborations Tree Carr. They have release three albums Fresh Juice (1998), The Visit (2001) and The Yellow Album (2002) As well as releasing many club singles they have remixed over 100 artists including Blondie, Groove Armada and The Dub Pistols as well as working on tracks for video games (jointly winning a Bafta for Best Use of Audio for the game Crackdown). A1 People have completed a new album which will be released in the second half of 2009 on Hydrogen Dukebox records. Simeon has also co-written and collaborated with many other artists including Pete Shelley, Amanda Ghost, Justin Charles, Tom Greenwood, Kirsty Hawkshaw and Noko 440 (Apollo 440). 2. Pentatonik is the name of an unrelated Industrial-Thrash -metal band from Helsinki, Finland.

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