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Under the guise of People Like Us, British sound collagist and DJ Vicki Bennet blends samples from music, radio and television in a Cut Up style to form plagiarhythmic" new melodies. A frequent theme of her music is the extraction of familiar snippets of popular music, which are subsequently interrupted or morphed just when the listener has begun to feel comfortable with what they're hearing. This style has been dubbed irritainment. People Like Us has collaborated with musical peers Wobbly and ]Negativland. Most of the People Like Us material is available under a Creative Commons license from Also do check the archives of Do Or DIY program on freeform radio WFMU. Then there was also the South African Hi-NRG act around Paul Crossley and Terry Owen that formed out of the ashes of Shiraz. With the additional vocal talents of Cindy Dickinson the group achieved a surprising measure of success in the mid-80's with their "Deliverance" song.

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