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Pep biography

There is more than one musical group using this name. 1.) Dutch pop-punk band 2.) Brooklyn-based Doo-Wop revival group 1.) pEp is a Dutch girl quartet that plays dutch punky pop. pEp consists of Ella (lead vocals), Tirtsa (guitar), Myrle (bass/background vocals) and Klaartje (drums/background vocals). In 2006 they released their first demo. Three years later, in March of 2009, they released their proper debut album: Broek Uit! - an album sung fully in Dutch. They refer to their on-stage style as "oppeppop." 2.) PEP is a 1950s-styled Doo-Wop revival group from Brooklyn, New York, consisting of six members: Karys Rhea, Morgan Lynch, Ilana Webber, Teddy Williams, Eric Jackowitz and David Origlieri. Their debut EP, "My Baby and Me" is slated to be released in February of 2014.

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