Peppertones top 20 songs


Peppertones biography

Peppertones (PPTNZ) (Hangul: 페퍼톤스), a newly transformed indie duo, made their first step into the music industry in 2004 with a simple goal in mind: to create songs with sounds that stimulate the listeners, just as pepper adds a pinch of flavor to a simple dish. With Jang Won Lee on the bass and Jae Pyung Shin on the guitar, the duo successfully transitioned from computer science majors at KAIST University (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) to an uprising indie duo, producing albums filled with melodic songs that everyone can relax to. They play mixed genre of pop, electronic, and rock mostly. The duo’s lyrics are mostly written in a whimsical storytelling format which attracts the listeners even more as it harmonizes with refreshing vocals. Since the beginning, Peppertones wrote lyrics that give those who are in despair, a reason to be happy and a reason to be hopeful.

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