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Pepsee biography

Often mentioned as «Extreme Pop-Band» (or even «ExtraTurboDiscoHip»), this Russian disco/pop/rock formation first appeared in 1992 in Saint-Petersburg. 1995 saw their debut «Три звезды на небе» («Three Stars in the Sky») followed with 1999's «Уступите лыжню» («Let The Skier Pass»). In 2001 the band released third full-length «The Танцы» («The Dances»). In spite of they are considered to be all-girl, the band actually involves 3 female and 3 male members: Anna Kipyatkova (vocal), Inessa Mikhailova (back vocal), Maria Volkova (back vocal), Vitaly Lapine (guitar, groove-box), Dmitry Kunin (bass) and Igor Rozanov (drums). Besides original Russian name the band is also called Pep-See. The official site is

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