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Per Uldal, better known as the artist Per Vers, or just Per V, is a Danish rap artist, rapping only in Danish. He moved from his childhood village Gram, to the Danish capital Copenhagen right after his High School graduation. In Copenhagen he formed the rap-group Sund Fornuft, which released two albums. Sund Fornuft made a hit song with Zen Midt I Centrum, a tribute to Copenhagen and its newcomers. Besides that, he has won MC's Fight Night, a famous Danish freestyle-rap-battle tournament, twice. First time in 2000, second time in 2001. After winning for the second time, he retired from MCs Fight Night, but he is still considered by many as the best freestyle rapper in Denmark. In 2005 Per Vers released his first solo album Vers 1.0, which includes the single Black Power, a tribute to coffee. In 2008 he formed the rap group Kinski together with DJ Turkman Souljah and Ole Omkvæd.

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