Peran top 20 songs


Peran biography

DJ Peran started deejaying in 1997 in club iT in Amsterdam .The world's most famous dance club at that time , at the same time he started as a club music producer, developing the legendary club sound that many deejays would follow in the years after. It was the year that the iT club sound conquered the world big time. The decision of making a tour around the world was easy to make. Doing remixes for many famous artists made it all possible to appear in many cities around the world as a well known Amsterdam producer/DJ. The never ending tour started in Los Angeles , continued to Japan, South America, Asia, Israel, Germany, Spain, and is still going on. In between there is time for new record productions to keep radio and television MTV updated. First international big hit was in 2001 called 'Good time', and it went straight to the UK top 40. Still today a trance anthem. With help from friends like DJ Jean and also DJ Delmundo, and big record companies like Spinnin records it was all possible to reach a big audience all over the world.

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