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Perasma is an electronic music duo, consisting of Noukas Sotiris (producing, programming, etc.) and Diana Tsantekidou (producing, vocals, etc.). They originally formed in 1996 in Thessaloniki, Greece. They started to write music and to experiment with various electronic sounds inspired by their mutual interests and influences in music while building up their strong brotherly friendship. In 2001 Perasma released their first recording of "Swing to Swing Fro" through the label "Warner Music Germany" and participated in various compilations released throughout Europe. As they kept on experimenting and finding their own distinctive sound they had their first musical breakthrough in 2004 when they released their hit single "Swing to Harmony" a more upbeat dance version of "Swing to Swing Fro" in collaboration with Yiannis Papakostantinou (Yannis PK) through Ministry of Sound. "Swing to Harmony" has been a huge success and managed to reach the top 10 of almost every dance scene in Europe at that time. Since then it has been continuously remixed by the biggest Dj's and producers (Matthew Dekay, JDK, Edu Jiménez, DJ Nano, Gabriel & Dresden, MYNC Project, etc.) and re-released by various record labels worldwide. In 2007, Germany's most successful filmmaker and biggest actor Til Schweiger got interested in their music and contacted Perasma to put them on the soundtrack of his crime/thriller "One Way". After various live performances during the following years and fine tuning their unique electronic sound Perasma released their last amazing EP entitled "Hypocrite EP" in May 2011 through their own label called "Twin Oaks Recordings" .

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