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Perception biography

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Perception is an alias of a Detroit based techno DJ and producer Chuck Gibson. He is also known as Hi Tech Funk and member of the famous techno group Underground Resistance. 2) Perception is an exceptional French quartet alongside Siegfried Kessler, Didier Levallet and Zao drummer Jean-My Truong actually preceded his involvement with Magma, this final Perception recording (their third) stems from a period when Seffer had left Magma and initiated the extraordinary Zao with fellow former Magmoid Francois Cahen, a group whose place in musical history remains far more cemented than this more overtly jazz-qua-jazz formation, not least due to to the fact that only one of Perception's impossible to find album's have ever seen reissue, though the lack of any typical zeuhl signifies to be found here likely plays a part in sustaining that obscurity as well. Thats a real pity, as there's some seriously blissed searching beauty spewing forth from all fronts 3) perception is an unreleased self-proclaimed "Experiencemental" band. Two albums have been released on torrent sites, such as, under the names ". . ." and "No One Can Understand Why This Is Happening, But No One Can Deny That It Is"

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