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Percolator biography

Percolator is an Irish three-piece band from Waterford made up of Jason Grant on bass, Eleanor on drums and vocals and Ian Chestnutt on fuzzy guitars and vocals. Recently they have been gigging as much as possible at numerous venues in Dublin, Cork, and other Irish cities, with bands such as Ilya K, A Place To Bury Strangers, Immanu El and Katie Kim, and also at the Irish Green Gathering establishing themselves as an exciting upcoming band in the Irish alternative scene. Right now the three are working on their first EP which is due for release in late March. Demos of their work have already been given some radio play and attention from promoters and magazines. Repeated comparisons have been made to My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth. This may be down to the boy/girl vocals, or Ian's preference for Jazzmasters and altenate tunings, but their music is not necesarily just for gazing at your shoes, it has a raw edge which comes across well live, and there are high expectations for their forthcoming EP. Percolator is also a four-piece from Chicago, formed in late 2006. Matt Collander, Phil Bertfulo and PJ Macklin write the songs and swap guitars and vocal duties, while Ben Sachs breaks apart the drum kit. They have released one full length self-produced LP, "Man is Not a Bird," and have put out two subsequent EPs since, "the Narcoleptic Tongues EP" and "the Illegally People EP." They are hard at work finishing up their second full length album, which should be available in Spring 2010.

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