Pets top 20 songs


Pets biography

1) Swedish Pop group formed in 2004 in the dark woods of Hälsingland. The band consists of Jonas Olsson (vocals), Jonas Linngård (guitars, programming), Per Zetterqvist (guitars, programming), Kristin Träff (melodica, accordion, drums), Magnus Martinsson (piano, harmonica, drums). Pets are driven by the harmonies of English pop bands like The Kinks, the energy of Motown acts such as The Four Tops and early Marvin Gaye. All with a hint of the gloom of the Swedish North. The songs are performed with everything from electronic sounds to banjo and accordion. 2) Pets was a Finnish Contemporary Bubblegum dance project created by producer Victor Drobych. The group consisted of two females, PetTiina (Tiina Häkämies) and PetZini (Sini Laisma). They are best known for their single "Run Baby Run", and it's accompanying music video. They released album called "Da Di Dam" in 1999.

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