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PIN is a polish band, coming from Chorzów, silesia. They started their musical journey in 2003. The band was founded by three friends: Andrzej Lampert (vocals), Aleksander woźniak (piano) and Sebstian Kowol (guitar). They describe their music as "soft rock". On August 20th 2005 came out their first album "0001" containing very known song such as "Bo to co dla mnie" (a aballad which became the summer hit of 2005)or „Odlot Aniołów”. On August 29th 2008 came out the second album "Muzykoplastyka" which became a huge hit., and contains lots of hits, such as "Niekochanie", "Pójdę pdo wiatr jak najdalej", "Wino i śpiew". In 2009 they brought up a single, which became the summer hit of 2009, named "Konstelacje". This fall the'll bring out their third album.

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