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P.K.14 - Beijing based post-punk band. The abbreviated name P.K.14 is a continuous play on words. Primarily standing for Public Kingdom for Teens (青春公共王国), known to also stand for Pent Kilowatt One More Than Thirteen, Pelikan Kraut Seven Times Two and Psycho Killer Two Less Than Sixteen amongst others... Vocals - Yang Haisong (杨海崧) Guitar - Xu Bo (许波) Drums - Jonathan (坛坛) Bass - Shi Xudong (施旭东) Founded 1997 in Nanjing by Yang Haisong, Sun Xia, Xu Feng and Yang Sen. P.K.14 played their first show in December of 1997 and since then they have released three albums and toured China and Europe extensively. Current line-up has gradually come together during the last seven years. The band is self managed and have released their material through Modern Sky, Sub Jam and Kuguabang. P.K.14 occupies a space in Chinese music that might be analogous to that of Television or the Talking Heads in the New York of the 1970s. They are among the most thoughtful and self-referential of bands, with an enormous curiosity about music coupled with a complete inability to care about musical fashion. Among the older bands ( i.e. those formed before 2002) they have the greatest influence on Beijing's younger bands. But for all the love these bands have for P.K.14, and although they are at the heart of the Beijing scene and among the most loved and respected of the Chinese indie bands, at the same time they are unique and seem to be traveling in their own scene. Timeline: December 1997, plays first show in Nanjing. 1998, plays extensively in Nanjing and records various demos. 1999, first appearance in the Modern Sky music magazine. "Lanse De Yueliang" is included in the magazines' compilation CD. May 1999, P.K.14 plays with The (International) Noise Conspiracy in Shanghai. 2001, first album "Shang Lou Jiu Wang Zuo Guai" is released by Sub Jam China / Empty Egg Canada. 2002, moves to Beijing, signs with Badhead, a Modern Sky label. "Guan Yu K" appears on the Modern Sky Vol. 4 compilation. October 2004, second album "Shei Shei Shei he Shei Shei Shei" is released. November 2004, P.K.14 tours China, playing 14 cities. January 2005, P.K.14 invites The (International) Noise Conspiracy back to China. January 2005, plays benefit show for the victims of the southeast Asian tsunami, together with Cui Jian, Muma and Tang Dynasty. March, April and May 2005, P.K.14 tours Europe and Scandinavia. Shares stages with The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Ex Models, Isolation Years, The Deportees, Mullstation, Nitro Mahalia and Silverbullit. Clubs include Wild at Heart (Berlin), Kapu (Linz), Fluc Exil (Vienna), Cafe Central (Weinheim), Kafe 44 (Stockholm), Debaser (Stockholm) and Elm Street (Oslo). June 2005, P.K.14 records in Sweden together with Henrik Oja (The Spacious Mind, Råd Kjetil, David Sandström, The Perishers, Moon Trotskij). Mastered by Pelle Henricsson (Refused, Isolation Years, Entombed, Silverbullit). September 2005, third album "Bai Pi Shu" (White Paper in english) is released. September 2005, P.K.14 embark on their second nationwide tour of China. June 2006, the 6th annual Chinese Music Media Awards nominates P.K.14 for "Best Band" and "Best Rock Band". July 2006, MTV Chi chooses "Ta Men" video as their 'Pick of the Week'. July 2006, plays South China Rock Festival, together with MeiHao YaoDian, Tongku De Xinyang, Tang Chao, Cui Jian, Hei Bao and Xu Wei. Bai Pi Shu / White Paper - 2005 Shei Shei Shei he Shei Shei Shei - 2004 Shang Lou Jiu Wang Zuo Guai - 2001 Various Demos - 1998-2000 A Tour of the Public Kingdom (documentary by independent filmmaker David Harris) – 2005 ------------------------------------------------------- All Info by wiki.chaile.org http://wiki.chaile.org/index.php/P.K._14

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