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Pocket biography

There are at least two artists with the name Pocket. 1. A female Multi-instrumentalist song arranger/Solo Artist (active from 2004 to present) 2. An electro artist (dates unknowin) 3. An emo/punk band from Philadelphia 1. Pocket is a one woman recording/performing/visual art project based out of Philadelphia, PA and Eugene OR who works across genres, fusing complex guitar arrangements with classical pop song structures to create concept albums. She often layers dream pop vocals over heavy riffs to create a singular intensity in her work. She has mostly been associated with creating work that relates to the freak-folk, young america, new weird america, lofi, alt-psychedelic, anti-folk, underground pop and Americana genres. She has been said to create all the visual art in her work and has shown her work in different Galleries in Philadelphia, Portland and New York under the psuedonym NewGho, which she credits for creating the artwork in her releases. Relatively little is known about her, as she rarely gives interviews. In 2004, Pocket released her first album ‘Spinal Accord’ which was largely a collection of curated home cassette tape recordings of her playing songs she wrote as a teenager. Her second album, 'Hyper Plural Tapes', released in 2006, came out as proving to be a compilation with more solid forms of songwriting, and some consider it a critique on 'pluralism' as a newly-minted cultural phenomenon. In 2007 she released 'Enjojet Sohest', which roughly translates into "Cyclops Seahorse", an album influenced from her Travels in Denmark, where she spent time writing 'Limerance', soon released afterwards in 2008. In 2010 she released the 'Data Trash' Ep- which explores the destructive nature of technology, abuse and perversion. This has been considered a drastic departure from her earlier albums, which were often more delicate and acoustic in their nature. In 2012 she released a sneak peak from Her Upcoming Concept Album 'Sublation' set to be released in 2013, which was the first of a set of 6 rumored 'Pop Opuses'- understood as sets of songs combined to create a larger work. The first released of this set was 'Bulldog Bats/Mona Ozone'. The date of the release is unknown and only rumored titles of the other 5 opuses float around, although none of them are confirmed titles. 2. Information about this artist is unknown.

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