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There are many different artist under this name: 1.) Point is a one man project based in northern Germany. At first, in 1998, Martin Marian founded a project with 2 friends called "Deebug". After liveacts in Berlin, Hamburg and DJ gigs in his home area Martin formed his own project "Point" with releases on Planet B.E.N., MP Digital Records and Gastspiel Records. Point produces tracks often consisting of deep pads and filtered synthlines, natural sounds combined with synthetic atmospheres. He believes in his slogan: "Music is the best art in the world. Sounds are able to express more then pictures". Point is always searching for new ways in producing music and new type of sounds. We are looking forward to his upcoming stuff... 2.) Point is Eran Ben Gaon and he is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is widely known for his works for Phantasm records where his only full-length was released. He also was a part of X-noize and now he is participating in Dual Core together with Adi "Backspace" Milner. 3.) Point (lately referred as L'Point) rose from the ashes of botanic gardens, parking places and video rentals and stormed the stages with a wave of peculiar smooth noise and dreamlike vibrations securely controlled by the devil inside. The extreme wall of eclectic guitar style created by cosmic brothers duo brings ambient but poppy sound which tears the band in the two faces of hellish and clinging indie act. Sometimes soporific but sometimes hardly stinging vocal and distinctive lyrics along with frequently mood changing rhythmical combo harmonize the bands final product into very unique Czech article. Debut full-length album produced by Seattle based Kip Beelman (Unwound, Sleater Kinney) hailed excellent reviews and the song Kriegswichtig was eventually broadcasted on John Peel's programme on Radio BBC 1. Not so many, if any, Czech bands achieved this honour before. Point's music is influenced (or seem to be) by bands like Sonic Youth, Beat Happening, Juno, Jane's Addiction, Seam, Shiner, Jets To Brazil, Screaming Trees, the Fall, the Pixies, the Cure, Joy Division, Pavement or the Make-Up but is surrounded with it's own conception of the universe. The band fell into permanent touring hiatus in the summer 2004, regardless their second album should see the light in an year or two. The current or ex-members are presently focused on their other projects - ciTyk, Lvmen, Toolbox, Nauqei Manou or Bukkake Karaoke. 4.) Point is an alternative band from Almaty, Kazakhstan. 5.) German Rock group. Actually working on a heavy album.

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