Puff top 20 songs


Puff biography

1) A late '60 psychedelic usa band. their only album, which reflected the psychedelic era in some of its music, is beginning to interest some collectors. Another example of the Bosstown sound produced by Alan Lorber (Ultimate Spinach, Chamaeleon Church) and recorded in New York on August 26/27th, 1968, this pleasant sorta psych-prog album is of note since Puff were formed out of the ashes of The Rockin' Ramrods: Vin Campisi and Henderson, as well as Ronn Campisi (who wrote all the songs but doesn't play on the album), were all previously in this group. Housed in an awful sleeve (photographed at Phil's Thrift Shop Fur Annex!), the album contains well structured songs with good vocals and harmonies and occasional guitar leads (especially on Dead Thoughts Of Alfred). A light jazz influence is evident, with baroque-jazz pointillist piano lines on Trees and echoplexed flute textures on the trance-like I Sure Need You. 2) Mc Puff (aka Igor Samuiloff) is the greatest Latvian rap star ever. Nowadays is better known as Mr. P 3) One of the many monikers of Venetian Snares

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