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Pur:pur is a Ukrainian band from Kharkiv. The band is a creation of two people - Nata and Eugene. Eugene is a professional movie and TV director, photographer and pretty good guitarist as well.) Nata is a professional photographer who likes to sing and to write English lyrics. One day (in 2008, to be specific) they met each other on the street and in two months they set up a photo studio “FootPrint”. Later they discovered new talents in each other: singing and playing the guitar. That’s how they started composing music. Then Pur:Pur had grown to three people ,with Stas being a solo guitarist. All they want is to bring people joy and happiness and make everyone understand that “All you need is love ta ta da da da…” There are two variants of the band now: "trio" and "full band". Line UP: Nata Smirina, vocals (trio & full band) Eugene Zhebko, gutar/sax (trio & full band) Stas Kononov, guitar (trio & full band) Ivan Kondratov, bass (full band ver. only) Dmitry Zinchenko, drums/percussion (full band ver. only) The official band site is http://purpurmusic.com.

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