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Qbical biography

Qbical, better known to his parent’s as “Raymond van Baal”, was born in a little town called Leusden in the Netherlands. Being of a fine 1983 vintage he grew up with music by Michael Jackson, Phil Collins and later in the 90’s acts as The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, and the whole house, techno and “electronic music in general” culture. While Raymond was playing in several rock bands as a drummer he started producing electronic music using trackers on an old PC releasing lot’s of free EP’s over time. In 2006 he signed to the Manual Music label and his first vinyl release “Warm Fuzzy Electronics EP” was a fact. After doing lot’s of remixes and tracks on several labels his debut Album “Life Is Just A Bunch Of Pixels” was released also on Manual Music in 2008 receiving a lot of support from various big shots in the scene. Currently Raymond is gearing up towards a follow up Album to be released in 2010 while also working thru his alter ego “Furrr” together with Paul Hazendonk as “Furrr & Hazendonk”, producing good funky and fat tech house music. www.qbical.net

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