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THERE ARE AT LEAST TWO BANDS NAMED QED: 1. QED consists of chart-topping Valentin and vocalist Kristine Hendricks. Artist, writer and producer Valentin is the mastermind behind QED. Having taken the world by storm with his hit remix of Deborah Cox's Something Happened on the Way to Heaven and his uplifting remix of the Billboard smash hit Beautiful by Christina Aguilera (No 1 on Billboard’s Dance Chart with major radio play across Europe). QED's other member is classically trained Kristine Hendricks, whose soaring lead vocals are a perfect match for Valentin's uplifting production style. Their new album, Mobius, features the hits "Love Bites" (the acclaimed high-energy remake of the Def Leppard classic) and the infectious "Hardly a Day". Mobius also contains 11 other blistering dance tracks. The single Hardly a Day features an infectious melody punctuated with a euphoric keyboard hook, while the dark, tribal yet trancelike opus Vampyre features a diva-like operatic vocal performance by Hendricks, supported by Valentin's medieval chorus chant. Islands is a haunting duet, destined to become a classic ballad, while the sensuous electronica of Alone is in a category by itself. Lastly, Epilogue, the album's majestic coda and a companion song to Hardly a Day, will surprise listeners with its aggressive, crunching guitars and epic feel. Attending a QED show is like being dropped into a video game. High-velocity dance grooves set the pace. The well-crafted melodic hooks and lush production provide the depth. If anime were to spring to life on stage, it would be a QED live show. The mind-bending, high-tech visuals they create on the fly don’t overpower…they enhance the evocative vocals and the sumptuous instrumentation. On stage, Valentin and Hendricks perform alongside incredible visual projections generated from computer keyboards, touch pads, digital cameras and musical instruments to create a whole new dimension of live, multimedia entertainment. It’s like step inside the latest anime game with all its action, twists and turns, colours, textures, nuances and sub-plots. No wonder QED was a featured performer at "Not So Silent Night", a major dance concert sponsored by WPYM in Miami at the Coconut Grove Expo Center. The groundbreaking video for Love Bites was exclusively premiered at the flagship Apple store in Soho, New York and will soon premiere across America. 2. 80s Aussie new wave band fronted by Jenny Morris.

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