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Qik biography

Enrique started studying piano at the age of 8, with his violinist grandfather and soon he developed an interest in composing and improvisation. The search for his own musical identity took him to study classical and jazz music as well as southamerican rhythms. After a year in Brazil and finally establishing himself in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1988 he makes first contact with samplers and synthesizers, programming his own sounds from animal sounds or field recordings. Between 1986 and 2001, he takes part is numerous rock, jazz and funk bands, contributing his composition and production skills. Here he also starts to get in touch with electronic music, influenced by a variety of genres and artists, making his whole influences from Miles Davis and Arto Lindsay to Richie Hawtin, Matthew Herbert. In 2003 he is seduced by the minimal techno sound and he starts orientating his music to this style. Together with Vjs V-trip and Milena Pafundi, he forms TeKhnë A/V, working on a concept driven by mixing and modulation in real time of audio and video. The group´s ideas indulged them in processing acoustic sounds, noise experimentation, minimal beats, next to abstract analogic video textures or even more figurative and organic images, all developed in their shows in real time. Thru here, he starts to form his minimal techno project QiK (alongside his much more abstract project, enriQ or Enrique Casal) and starts to perform alongside artists such as Barem, Violett, Seph, presenting himself in all sorts of audiovisual events. In 2006, encouraged by his friend Sebastian Galante (aka Seph), Qik releases his debut ep on Dilo´s netlabel Igloo-net: QiK: Absy/Fall, featuring rmxs from Dilo, Funzion and Butane. Parallel to this he is constantly working on other projects such as TeKhnë, as well as also collaborating with bands, choreographers, and music production for TV.

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