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Qkumba Zoo
Cloud Eyes

Cloud Eyes

Artist: Qkumba Zoo
Genre: Dance
5 stars - based on 500 reviews
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Yanaba, havayena
Takenya, surata wakanda

Cloud eyes, picture me tonight
Hold me in the waters of your oldest feeling
Cloud eyes in the starlight, touch me inside
And breathe me in to find your healing

Cloud eyes has a way of drowning
Even as she breathes and in her lungs
I am the sea
She waits until my fear has whispered
Softly down to sleep and in her dreams
She swims through me

I'm scared, so you're scared
So what fear has ever mastered anyway
I'm scared, so you're scared
So what fear has ever mattered, mattered?

Cloud eyes in a silver sky
Where the moon flies
Like a paraglider lost in your mind
Cloud eyes in a dream flight
Let your wings slide
Across the moon into the dark side

Hold me, touch me, fill me, heal me
Let me feel the mist that flows in me
And in your dreams

Yanaba, havayena, takenya, surata wakanda
Yanaba, takenya, surata

I'm scared
(Remember who you are)
You're scared
(Remember who you are)

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