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Qnc biography

Long Island's Duo Dynamic, MC Q-Ball and producer MC Curt Cazal (a.k.a. Q-Ball & Curt Cazal), partnered up back in 1993 and together have shared the burden of climbing the ladder in the rap game. As part of the JVC Force crew in the '90s, the duo was noticed due to their superior abilities, working with artists such as M.O.P. While Cazal went on to a producing career that had him laying down tracks for Jay-Z, Sauce Money, and dancehall artist Red Fox, the tandem wouldn't come together as QNC until 1999. Backed by the supreme team at legendary D&D Records, QNC created a heavy underground buzz with singles like "Repertoire" featuring Jay-Z b/w "Come Correct" in 1999 and "Gotta Give" in 2001. With a smooth style that appeals to both the underground and mainstream, QNC's best-of-both-worlds format had many heads reminiscing about hip-hop's days of old.

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