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Quadraphonia biography

Quadrophonia were a Dutch dance act formed by Olivier Abbeloos (also known as part of T99) and Lucien Foort in the late 1980s, with rap vocals on several of their tracks performed by Marvin D (A.K.A. Ripmaster). They had two top-40 hits in the United Kingdom. "Quadrophonia", which reached #14 in April 1991, followed by "The Wave Of The Future", which charted at #40 in July of the same year, as well as 3 other singles from around this time, "Find the Time (Part 1)", "Schizofrenia - The Worst Day Of My Life" and "The Man With the Masterplan", all three of which weren't particularly successful. Later in the year the group released their first and only album entitled Cozmic Jam. After all their work in 1991 and 1992, Quadrophonia went on to release three more singles in 1993 called "Intergalactic Crosstalk (Amazonia)", "Moondance" and "Warp Factor One" as well as 2 Quadrophonia remix singles in 1997 and 1998 called "Quadrophonia '97 (Remixes Part 1)" and "Quadrophonia '98 (Remixes Part 2)". Quadrophonia also recorded under the aliases CMOS, Holographic Hallucination, and Warp Factor 1 (as well as Orion on one white label release). Rapper of the group Marvin D ultimately introduced his friend Ray Slijngaard to Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul de Coster, who together with Anita Doth later formed 2 Unlimited.

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