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There are multiple artists called Sonic Mayhem: 1) Sonic Mayhem is Sascha Dikiciyan, music producer and professional sound designer, has gained notoriety for his work in the Sony Playstation James Bond game "Tomorrow Never Dies" and the PC games Quake II and Quake III Arena. He followed up his work for Quake III with the release of "Quake III: Arena Noize," a soundtrack that included new tracks in addition to the music found in the game. Sonic's use of a unique blend of underground beats, electronica, rock mixed with the ambient side of orchestras quickly garnered the attention of fans and producers alike. Sascha was born in Stuttgart, Germany but grew up in Berlin. He started learning the piano early on but then switched to the drums when he was 12 years old. After high school Sascha picked up piano again and moved to Los Angeles, California in 1993. He studied music at Hollywood's famous Musicians Institute, where he took classes in keyboard, music theory and recording arts. After MI, Sascha studied film scoring and orchestration at UCLA. His interest in video games began in the early 80's and it was that interest which compelled him to independently produce and release "Methods of Destruction," the first-ever audio add-on for the original Quake. Encouraged by the enthusiastic fan reception of "Methods," Sascha reached someone with id software in 1997 about submitting music for Quake II. After reviewing 2 demos, id agreed to use sonic's music and the path was set for sonic mayhem to become one of the leading progressive voices in game music. It was after the production of "Quake III: Arena Noise" that Sascha realized there was a demand in the music production marketplace for the type of sounds that Sonic creates. In the spring of 2001, Sonic released its first sample CD "Noize Loops" which won the Future Music Platinum Award. After receiving positive feedback and significant sales, Sascha decided to build the Noize franchise by creating a new sample cd for the Reason format and developing a web site geared for the music production enthusiast, www.noizeloops.com. 2) Sonic Mayhem are a Albany, New York based classic style blues, R&B and funk band.

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