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Quantize biography

Quantize are Reshef Harari and Adi Ashkenazi, the duo started to produce trance music at the end of 2003 under the name Quantize,they bought computer, monitors, sound card and virus C,built their first studio at the magical open spaces of Israel country side, and the result didn't late to come, at 2004 they released their debut track! ,then they had to leave the old studio and to move on towards a new place,within that time Adi and Reshef started evolving and to attend more and more to their most beloved genre of Trance music -Progressive. Reshef built his home and then decided to build a professional production studio plus upgrading the production gear to a higher level. Adi and Reshef went into the studio for two years of hard work,studying, exploring and evolving,by that time the duo worked with Domo rec and Quantize became one of the label artists,releasing music in Blue tunes, Medijum, Aphonix, Domo and Dooflex, djing and live performance in Israel and out side of it. At 2007 Quantize started to compile their first V/A CD "Stepping Forward" which was released at Domo / Ear peaks music during 2007,by that time they had managed to remix Earsugar,V-tunes,Aerospace,Ace Ventura & Intelabeam and achieved the Quantize sound as we know today, pumping,crunchy and psychedelic progressive trance. In November 2007 Quantize Joined forces with Iboga records as exclusive label artists,with upcoming double digital release at Iboga (including their famous remix to Earsugar) plus you can expect a Debut album to come in the year of 2008.

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