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Quantum biography

There are 4 artists/bands named Quantum. 1. A trance DJ residing in Israel. 2. A now defunct progressive rock band formed in the 80's. 3. A hip-hop artist. 4. A Indonesian indie alternative pop/rock band. 5. An Argentinian tango fusion band. 1. Quantum is a trance DJ. Gidi Snapir - Quantum - was always obsessed with collecting music and finding new sounds. Coming from a family of musicians, he studied piano as a kid but his first encounter with electronic music came in the late 1980's when he first heard new wave dark industrial music. His discovery of trance in 1991 and his travels through Goa in 1992 really got him hooked. He collected a huge mass of trance music and in 1994, Eitan Mahleb, one of Israel's first trance DJ's, asked him to play his music at a party. He agreed and that was the turning point. Electronic music would become his life's passion and profession. Since 1994, Gidi has DJ'd extensively at almost every possible venue in Israel and throughout the world. Over the last decade, he performed at festivals, raves and small underground parties and was mainly associated with the Hovek Olam project for which he toured worldwide and compiled 2 albums. Quantum- a virtual rock music band, formed in 2010 and has one album so far, Circle. Along the way, in 1998, Gidi started Newzeek, the Israeli electronic music magazine (RIP) and he established his own weekly radio show - Tranceformator - at the "Kol HaKampus" radio station at Tel Aviv University. In 2000, Gidi embarked on a journey to fulfill his dream of making his own music. He began collaborating with artists such as Gorlation Corporation, BLT, Alien Project, PPS Project & others, all the while developing his own sound and assembling his own production studio for electronic music. He put together several compilations for respected labels such as USTA & MDMA until he finally got his own Quantum project going. Quantum's first tracks were instantly signed to Cosmophilia's in house label and released in a series of 12" singles and several compilation inclusions. He then signed with BNE who released Quantum's debut album titled "Outrage" in late 2004. Since then Gidi has acquired worldwide recognition with live shows in Japan, Germany, Mexico & Brazil not to mention touring the length and breadth of Israel many times over. 2005 saw Gidi putting in a lot of hard work on a second artist album titled "Kiss The Sound", which was released by BNE/YoYo Records in late 2005. "Kiss The Sound" represents a tighter and much more focused production, reflecting the veteran work of an experienced artist. Gidi collaborated on two tracks with Mister Timelock Felix and E-Ject on "Push Me Up" and a pumping remix of Timelock's "Skylines". Quantum's music has rocked every dance floor, from the smallest underground forest party to the biggest rave. 2. Quantum was a Brazilian progressive rock band formed at the beginning of the 80s. They released 2 albums (Quantum in 1983 and Quantum II in 1994.) 3. Quantum is a hip-hop artist who just released the much-hyped "Far From Normal" mixtape. 4. Quantum is a Indonesian indie alternative pop / rock band. They never release any album. But they already have 9 songs that can be listened from their MySpace page.

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