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Quasamodo (real name Dimitris Nassios) is a composer, lyricist and producer born in Wimbledon, UK in 1978. In 2007 he released his first album "Truth Be Told" under the alias Quasamodo (Quite Unusual And Slightly Awkward Music Of Diverse Origin) through Timewarp Music. Upon completion he released a track called "Move Sucka" with Basement Freaks on Goodgroove Records, a pioneer label in the Nu-funk scene in 2008, then "Let's Funk" for Manmade Records in 2009 and did the vocals for Basement Freaks track "Ya Need a Funky Band" on SunsetSoul Records again in 2009. These collaborations with George Fotiadis from Basement Freaks led to birth of a new project called the Smokey Bandits and together wrote their first album, Debut. As Smokey Bandits they remix "I Want Freedom" by Chris Joss for ESL Music. By 2009 Quasamodo was not only writing music but performing his music through a series of live performances with his new project The Q Orchestra In 2009 he signs his second album Journey Through Sounds under a new alias The Q Orchestra through Freestyle Records UK. It was released in June 2010. In January 2012 he releases his latest album "Movin' On" with Bombastic Jam.

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