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There are at least five artists called Quasar... (I) A British Progressive Rock band (II) A Psytrance musician (III) A Funeral Doom Metal band from Russia (IV) A three-piece Progressive/Psychedelic Extreme Metal band from Australia. (V) a Punk/Hardcore band from Montpellier - France I: QUASAR was formed in 1979 by founder Keith Turner. They found themselves to be amongst a movement of British bands during the early 1980s, including Marillion, Pendragon, Twelfth Night, Solstice and Pallas, that continued in the progressive rock style created by 1970s bands such as Genesis and Yes. 1981 saw the release of their debut album Fire in the Sky. This line-up did hundreds of shows over the next few years culminating in headliners at the Marquee Club in the same months as their contemporaries, Marillion, Pendragon, IQ, Twelfth Night, Solstice and Pallas. In 1985, Dave Wagstaffe and Kevin Fitzgerald joined, and the band recorded a track for the EMI compilation album "Fire in Harmony" which reached number 49 in the Kerrang! rock album charts. The band was also invited to film a live show for the UK TV music show "Sight & Sound" at the Regal Theatre, Hitchin. The next album, The Loreli, was about to be recorded, when Tracy Hitchins joined on vocals, and Toshi Tsuchiya on guitar. The Loreli was completed and released in 1989 and this took the band further to perform in Europe as well as the UK. The band also released a Live CD in 1994 and re-released their first album on CD. The third album was being constantly delayed due to their touring schedule so some time off was taken to prepare it. Now with Robert Robinson (vocals/keyboards), Keren Gaiser (vocals/Keyboards) and Greg Studley (guitars) and Paul Johnson on drums it is almost ready for release. The new album called "Eyes of the Innocents" will be available soon, excerts from this and previous CDs can be heard at http://quasar.netne.net. II: Quasar wrote his first track when he was five years old. It was called 'the raffle ticket song' and, while it didn't do well on the Europop charts at the time, it did inspire Quasar to acquire a drum set and start playing with different bands. Later, he turned onto ethnic percussion, learning different drums from around the world. When Quasar landed in San Francisco, he traded his drumsticks for slip mats. As a Dj, he had a successful project with Dylalien called the Resonance Image Program and they performed sound healing at various gatherings and dance performances. After seeing GoaGil play sunrise at Burning Man, Quasar saw great potential in the music, and started producing and performing trance, both live and in Dj sets. One Day is a humorous and intelligent composition. Between the cosmic sounds and tribal rhythms is a story. Taking a clue from the epic voyages of goa trance, the sounds bring this adventure to another level. This is a day in the life of a typical human who has an extraordinary experience. Through sound textures and woven vocal fabrics, a theme emerges. It is a puzzle of concepts set to turn your mind and body on (Anything spiritual you may take from it is up to you (!)). So take the voyage and meet our captain, Quasar. You will be glad you came along for the ride! III: A Funeral Doom Metal band formed out of Kurgan, Russia in 2004. They have, thus far, released a 3 track demo ("Ð.È.È.") that contained the songs 'Upshot', 'Splitting The Infinity' & 'Autarchy' and was released in 2004. In 2006 they were part of a 4 band split release through Endless Desperation records alongside the bands Lake Of Depression, Crepuscularia & Source Of Deep Shadows. Quasar contributed the song 'Planet Parade' to this split. In 2005, the track 'Autarchy' from their 2004 Demo was placed on the 2005 edition of the Doom-Art.ru Compilation album. It is unknown whether or not the band is still active and their website has not been updated since 2006.

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