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For Polish band, please use tag QUBE.com.pl. This Last.fm profile is shared by two different artists using the same name. The description below refers to Polish band QUBE from the city of Lublin: The band was formed in Lublin, Poland. Their music can be described as progressive metal, hardcore, hard rock with winding guitar solos. But they also confess being influenced by funk and jazz. Everything began in Gajos's garage back in around 2000... Anyway the current band lineup plays since 2005 as QUBE, and that used to be their formation year. The lineup goes like this: Daniel Gielza (Perła) vocals Paweł Gajewski (Gajos) drums Piotr Torbicz (Toper) bass Kamil Wiśniewski lead guitar Tomek Otto guitar In 2006 they recorded their first studio album, entitled Shapes. Recording took 3 weeks, resulting in 43 minutes of great material. Until now the band played many concerts around Poland. Official website: www.qube.com.pl Contact with the band: zespol@qube.com.pl For better distinction on Last.fm they decided to use a separate profile QUBE.com.pl and there can be found their music and Last.fm charts instead of fake charts seen below. List of songs written and recorded by the band goes like this: Let Me Be Me, Mind ...and from the album Shapes: "Broken" "Lies" "Unreal" "Time To Die" "Pain" "The End" There are also two new songs, not recorded yet though, but known from live gigs: "In the Name of God" and "Obsession". The Japanese Qube: Vo: Shivonne (シボンヌ) Gr: Akira Hiroshima (廣島 旭) Ba: Yama THE Manji (山 THE 卍) Dr: Tatsuo Kenmon (検問 辰夫) http://www.worldapart.co.jp/qube/ http://www.myspace.com/xxqubexx

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