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1) Queen of Hearts is a female singer/songwriter. Her real name is Liz Morphew. So far, she has released three EPs: «The Arrival», «Neon» and «Warrior», and an album: «Cocoon». Queen of Hearts likes impossibly high shoes, cocktails, cats and French accents. Queen of Hearts writes songs about the important things in life - love, loss, heartbreak, betrayal - and thinks that the best pop songs should make you dance AND shed a tear or two. Queen of Hearts writes songs that have one foot in the future and one in the past. Queen of Hearts thinks pop shouldn't be a dirty word. 2) Queen of Hearts is a new girl group aiming to set trends and make a mark in the music industry. They are breaking the boundaries of music with an innovative twist of fusing pop, electro and rnb genres. Although all three girls come from different backgrounds and experiences, their passion and love for music and performance has brought them together. Determined to find a title for their signature sound they created the name Queen of Hearts, a reflection of their relationship with music and with their fans. Members: Nikole (21): Always a natural performer, this Spanish and Trinidadian beauty has kept singing and dance close to her heart. She fell in love with the stage at a young age while doing musical theatre and has found a place for her talents within Queen of Hearts. Nikole adds an irreplaceable charisma and keeps everyone around her laughing with her quirky high energy. She commands a natural spotlight, which combined with her girl next-door appeal keeps her audiences wanting more. Alessandra (22): Alessandra will automatically be known for diva-like charm, which is an unexpected surprise from her innocent, girly style and looks. She is a chameleon when it comes to her talents, drawing inspiration from a variety of musical influences including jazz, music theatre, classical, pop, r&b and house genres. This Italian bombshell will captivate the eyes and ears of her fans. Sasha (21): Sasha possesses sex appeal, combined with an undeniable vocal talent that makes her a singing powerhouse. Her Burgher, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese background gives Sasha a unique personal style and sound. Her high energy and uplifting spirit captures immediate likability amongst her fans and her down-to-earth personality is a vast contrast with her star-like presence.

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