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Queenie biography

There are three artists sharing the name "Queenie": (1) Queenie (Kimberly Steele) is a half-Japanese, ethereal, gothic singer/songwriter from Chicago. Her voice is often likened to Enya, with a colorful fullness and incredible pitch and octave extension. She plays classical guitar and piano; her songs are acoustic new age, with a hint of Enya's style, and tasteful, touching, original songwriting. For more info see www.queeniemusic.com. (2) Queenie is a Queen cover band from Prague, Czech Republic, founded in 2005 by Michal Kluch (vocals), Tomáš Matoušek (guitar), and Michal Novák (drums). Early on many different bass guitarists and keyboard players came and went before stabilizing with Martin Binhack (bass) and Martin Otruba (keys). Queenie played two shows for Czech conventions in 2006 and 2007; both shows were very successful. The band did another important gig during the “Night of Legends" by rock Radio Hey. This performance was for sold-out culture centre Semilasso (in Brno) in front of a huge crowd! Queenie is constantly working to improve their performances and listens to the remarks of fans. The band tries to copy the original model by their appearance and, of course, by their music. Many concerts in Czech Republic and abroad are the result of Queenie’s popularity — interest in this band is growing. Their official website is www.queenie.cz. (3) Queenie is also a rapper from San Diego, California. He is the Latin MC.

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