Queens top 20 songs


Queens biography

Queens is a Polish girl band. The band is comprised of three girls distinguished by their vocal and dance abilities as well as their out-standing personalities and vitality shown every time they appear on stage. The Queens’ achievements are, among others: participation in the Polish national final of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, the Mundial Blockbuster Contest and more. The audition for the formation of the band took place in February 2005. Based on the Polska Agencja Muzyczna’s insight into the Polish music market, the Polska Agencja Muzyczna conducted preliminary auditions, which were closed to the general public. The girls invited to compete for a place in the band were young, successful TV show winners and stage performers. Three girls were picked as a result of the audition: Patrycja Wodz, Agnieszka Maksyjan and Monika Niedek. After a year the group experienced some changes. Sylwia Parys (a 18 year-old citizen of Zielonka near Warsaw) and Julia Trebacz (a 21 year-old Miss Zielona Gora) replaced Patrycja Wodz and Agnieszka Maksyjan. Both girls are good friends of original band member Monika Niedek (finalist of “The Road to the Stars” contest and a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest winner). Their first single, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” (premiere June 2005) has been one of the most frequently played radio and disco songs. After its premiere in November 2005, the queens promoted their song ”Od A Do Zet”. The song’s video-clip generated a lot of publicity because of the location of the video-shoot (a villa with a swimming pool), but more importantly the appearance of Kuba Wesolowski (a famous Polish Actor recognized for his role in the very well know Polish soap opera “Na Wspolnej” and being a contestant of “the Dance With The Stars”) who played a main part in the video. The Queens were voted second by the public in the National Eurovision Contest (“I Fell In Love”- premiere January 2006) and came second in the (“Mundial Blockbuster Contest” (“Polska Gra”- premiere May 2006). The Queens’ songs are arranged through the use of modern techniques and technology giving the songs a contemporary style fitting pop and dance music. On their first album “Made For Dancing” (premiere February 2006) you can here well known English covers as well as songs exclusively written and arranged for the Queens by Poland’s best composers (Robert Janson, Marcin Nierubiec, Romuald Lipko) and songwriters (Jacek Cygan, Andrzej Ignatowski, Janusz Onufrowicz). The group also cooperates with Marek Hojda- a producer who is also the author of the music to the song “Kazdego Dnia” (premiere November 2006)-the first single released with new band members. The Queens are especially proud of their collaboration with the world famous music producer Jany Schella, who has been vital in the recording of albums by Celine Dion and Britney Spears. He was also the executive producer responsible for recordings of Boyzone, Samantha Mumba, Venessa Amorosi and Destiny’s Childs’s Kelly Rowland. For the Queens he has composed produced the summer blockbuster “No Goodbyes”(Polish version “Zadnych Klamstw”; premiere July 2006) and “We’re The Queens” (premiere January 2007). The girls have performed over a hundred concerts including the “Summer with the Radio 2005” final concert. They were also one of the three stars of the entire “Summer with the Radio 2006” tour. The Queens’ performance is a unique show combining dedicated choreography with Fair Play Crew. The Queens are a determined force of young talent, focused on being a center point of the Polish Pop and Dance scene for years to come.

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