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Queer As Folk originally was a short British series following a group of gay men. Showtime (US) with the help of Showcase (Canada), picked up the series and adapted it, thus making it into a 5 season (83 episodes) TV show that aired from 2000-2005. It followed the lives of 5 gay men. At the center was Brian (Gale Harold), his love interest, Justin (Randy Harrison), Brian's best friend Michael (Hal Sparks), Emmett (Peter Paige) who was the 'queen' of the series, and Ted (Scott Lowell), an accountant with low self-esteem. This group also had two lesbian friends, Melanie (Michelle Clunie) and Lindsay (Thea Gill) who end up mothering both Brian's son, Gus, and Michael's daughter, Jennifer Rebecca. The extended cast included: Sharon Gless (Michael's mother), Jack Wetherall (Michael's dying uncle), Chris Potter (Michael's love interest in Season 1), Dean Armstrong (Ted's love interest in season 1, 4, and 5), Robert "Bobby" Gant (Michael's love interest/husband in seasons 2-5), Fabrizio Filippo (Justin's love interest in seasons 2-3), David Gianopoulos (Pittsburgh Police Chief, season 3), Harris Allan (Michael's and Ben's foster son, seasons 3-5), Sherry Miller (Justin's mom), Makayla Smith (Justin's best friend), Peter MacNeill (police chief, and future husband to Michael's mom, seasons 2-5) and Matt Battaglia (Emmett's love interest/pro football player, seasons 4 & 5). Music played an important part in the series, being that many of the scenes were shot in a gay dance club called Babylon. Also in the series was Woody's which is an actual gay bar in Toronto, Canada though the series is set to be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. None of the shots in Woody's were actually taken in the bar. In the 4th season, the characters visited the real Woody's which was renamed "Moosie's" for the episode.

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