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There are at least six groups named Question Mark... (1) Question Mark is the name of a Nigerian psychedelic rock band from the 70's. They released one LP in 1974 titled "Be Nice to the People" and were included in the recently issued "Nigeria Rock Special" Compilation. (2) Question Mark was a short living band of youngsters from Bilzen, Diepenbeek and Hasselt (Belgium). They played on some local festivals and issued an EP, called Dreams for Free. The band changed its name into Perfect Circle, at the same time becoming a cover band. (3) Question Mark is the name of a hardcore punk group from Zeewolde, The Netherlands. It was formed during the summer of 2007 by Dave, Martin and Timothy, who had recently quit their band IOYn after two years of playing and a lot of line-up changes. The members decided to take on music more seriously and the old band-name didn’t cover it anymore. So the band name was changed to Question Mark. (4) Question Mark is the name of a alternative rock band from Havlíčkův Brod, CZ. The band was founded in autumn 2007 by the guitarist from Sealteb and bass-player from Možná Sdělení. Originally, it was only a jam project of these two musicians. Later, they persuaded talented violinist Zuzana to give up country music, and so the band was born. The group released the CD "All things" in 2010, which you can find at (5)??? or Question Mark ( ) (6) Question Mark is an artist who has contributed music to Korean rhythm-action game DJMAX.

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