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Marq has been at the forefront of the Irish dance scene for the last 10 years with such high profiled residencies in clubs such as Sir Henrys Cork, and U2's club The Kitchen in Dublin.With his musical production Marq goes under the Guise of QuestionmarQ and sticks to his familliar sound of Not-So-Deep Housemusic. Marq co-runs the freshest new House night in Cork called Audio.With the likes of Spirit Catcher,Inland Knights ,Shur-I-Kan,Rhythm Plate and Silicone Soul already after playing this will be a night to watchout for. As QuestionmarQ -Marq has had a few releases under his belt already the list is quite extensive and includes --Polish Hustle--Divider(which spent a few weeks in the top 50 of The U.S Balance Music Charts)Minimal Chemical--Happynesszz( 3 beat reccommended ) with up to more recently released remixes of Corrugated Tunnel's Rockstar --Ben Lash's Help me and Matt Black's Acid Bath all of which are recieving great reactions.Marq's most recent release The Moist Ep is out now on swizz label Helvetica and features the tracks Rabbit Sequence and Fumble to be followed later in the month by Pride of America on SeedyR. To add to this his bootleg with Bon Jovi on a track called Prayer for the living is getting great feedback from many of his fav dj's.Marq has also produced some downbeat numbers most recently as Mr Leaf( )At the end of 2006 Marq was also included in Southern Fried 2 compilation with his track Butterfly. As a dj Marq has shared the decks with some of the best around including Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Luke Slater, Spirit Catcher,Silicone Soul,Trevor Rockcliffe, Claude Younge, Boo Williams, Glen Underground, Ian Pooley, The Stickman, Kenny Carpenter, Dimitri, Danny Howells, Ann Savage, Lisa Lashes, Griff & Jay, Darren Emerson, Mr.C, Nick Warren, Chris Cargo, Yousef, DJ Dan, Billy Nasty, Sonique, Chris Gainer, Darko, Pete Heller, Christian Smith, Alan Simms, Dean Sherry, Lucien Foort among others and has also appeared on MTV Dancefloor Chart. ..

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