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Quincy biography

There are different artists by this name: 1. A drum and bass artist on the Ninja Tune label. 2. Quincy was a new wave / power pop band from New Jersey. They released their first album on Columbia Records in 1980 entitled "Quincy". While on their first U.S. tour and playing at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, a major lawsuit was filed by Quincy Jones demanding a name change. Columbia would not fight and urged the band to change their name. They reluctantly complied. The settlement stipulated that no mention could be made of the lawsuit in public. After a long battle to release a second record (under a different name) a second record "Don't Say No" was released under the name Lulu Temple. In addition to a new name, the band took on a new musical direction adding horns and percussion and a more layered approach. Without the support of the label and the lack of press even the band's fan base didn't know of their new record. The band soon split up and went their separate ways in various musical and theatrical endeavors. 3. Late 90's quirky indie pop band. Released Big and Clever EP in 1997 independently following up with a single release 'Alien' on Lithium Records. 4. An instrumental indie rock band from Chicago, formed in the 2000s. They self-released one album for free in August of 2008 entitled "Taps, Slaps and Traps." 5. A Dutch singer known from "Morgen weer een dag."

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