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"Quintetto X" is from Bari, which is on the edge of the heel in Italy. This land is a meeting point where energies gather shaping surroundings and emotions. The Fez cultural group has made these surroundings the settings for their creations. Comments taken from the linear notes of the album: Novo Esquema Da Bossa or else New Bossa Outlook is for us a movement, an attitude and a rhythm. It is the development of an idea that evolves from the appreciation of its own cultural distinctiveness. It is the southern light. It is contemporary music inspired from Afro- American, Brazilian and Italian jazz which slinks form the authors song to the beat poetry. It is the tempo of modern music that creates its best art with delicacy. It favours spontaneity rather than perfection as well as creation as opposed to the final product. Rumbling cymbals clanging clanks on percussive beats of a drum: fusion version definition. Imagination, creativity, wonder, exploration and innovation. Jazz is a spontaneous invention. It s patterns exist to be excelled at and transcended beyond any kind of human dimension. These frames are in fact considered as launching pads towards totally undiscovered destination...

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