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Rubén Cuevas García, a.k.a. R de rumba or Rumba Rubén, is the DJ and producer of the Zaragoza-based hip hop group Violadores del verso Early in his career he was the DJ and producer of Bufank, with 2 mc's: Hate and Juez. His solo career started at the end of 2003, when he released "Reunión - Sistema R.A.P.". It included 2 tracks, the first with his old group, Bufank, and the other one with Xhelazz, member of Cloaka Company. Halfthrough 2004 he released his second EP, titled "1er contacto - Ley natura mantiene". Again with 2 tracks, but this time featuring Rapsusklei and Rebel. Both EP's were only an advance of his first LP, titled "RdeRumba" and released in September of 2004. First edition includes a DVD with footage about the record process of the album.

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