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There are at least five artists by this name. 1. Imaginative, original and thought provoking, solo Electronica artist Rabbit (aka Ivan Chan) burst to prominence by winning entire English category of Best New English Artist and Best English Album awards at the prestigious AIM 2001Malaysian music awards. It was an unprecedented effort by any artist in Malaysia. All this is the result of his first album, Tales Of The Nocturnal Man. Critics, fellow artistes and industry veterans alike have lauded this album for producing an international-quality sound that broke away from the rest of Malaysian pop and also introducing the mainly underground genre of Electronica. This was all amazingly achieved in his humble home studio which consists mainly of his trusty computer and keyboard. While scoring a nomination for Most Popular Non-Malay Artiste at the Anugerah Bintang Popular 2001 in September, Rabbit turned his focus to more production work which in turn allowed him to explore the deeper talents within. Following his rise to fame, Rabbit explored the local dance industry and, in collaboration with local dance pioneer Jungle Jerry, released a dance compilation called Presence KUL02 under his own independent label Starrabbit Productions where critically acclaimed Grammy nominee DJ Chris Lum also contributed a track. Rabbit also formed a duo project with Jungle Jerry calling themselves Fei Fei with a single dance release entitled The Heart of Dreaming hitting No 1 in the local charts for 4 weeks in a row! One of the songs from his album entitled Warp 9 has also been used in an award-winning short film entitled That Historical Feeling by local director Huzir Sulaiman famed for his theatrical work. On the production side he was involved in producing and composing two tracks for Taiwanese mega-star Kris Phillips otherwise known as Fei Shiang. “One of my most enjoyable aspects of producing is the mere collaboration with various artiste in their own right,” explains Rabbit. In 2002 Rabbit was appointed Ambassador of World Peace by Dr Jo Jo M Fung chairperson of the World Peace Concert organisation to help organise a World Peace Concert in Johor Bahru to raise funds for Mercy Malaysia, a charity organisation which directly helps victims of conflict around the world. Now resurfacing into the scene again for his next release, Rabbit is currently focusing on his new album Mango Overheat under Starrabbit Productions. This so marks the beginning of a new chapter for Rabbit. THE RABBIT FILE Born: 28 January 1976 Genres: Electro Rock/Pop/Dance Label: Starrabbit Productions Sdn Bhd Website: www.starrabbit.net – (Official Website) www.bandspace.com/rabbit - (Individual Track Download) www.myspace.com/starrabbitproductions - (Individual Track Download) www.cdbaby.com/cd/starrabbit - (Online Album Purchase) E-mail: starrabbit@gmail.com DISCOGRAPHY ( ALBUM ) 2000 – Tales Of The Nocturnal Man (Positive Tone) 2006 - Mango Overheat (Starrabbit Production Sdn Bhd) DISCOGRAPHY ( EPS, SINGLES ) 2000 – Fragile Inside (single) 2001 – Express Yourself (single) 2001 – Star (single) 2002 – The Heart of Dreaming (No1 Hit single by Fei Fei dance collaboration with Jungle Jerry) 2002 – Stand Up for Peace (original composition for world peace concert) 2003 – Don’t Hold Back ( No 2 Hit Single in Malaysian Charts) 2005 – Malaysia In My Eyes (Written for the Malaysian Tourism Board) SONGS APPEAR ON 2000 Fragile Inside in They Came From Planet Earth (Compilation) 2002 Warp 9 in That Historical Feeling by Huzir Sulaiman (Short Film) 2003 Don’t Hold Back in Presence KUL02 Dance (Compilation) featuring works of Grammy nominee DJ Chris Lum 2. Who is ‘Rabbit’? That’s what producer Henry Flex and songwriter Henrik von Kathen wanted to know when they found a CD labelled with this question on a Berlin tube train. On the CD was a voice, nothing but a voice. A rather lucky coincidence, as von Kathen and Flex were at the time looking for a new and distinctive voice for their next album. And Rabbit was what they had been searching for! Contact was established via email, and Rabbit agreed to provide the voice track for the songs provided by von Kathen and Flex. However, the three never met in person. The album resulting from this collaboration is a mix of electropop and rock. Songwriter Henrik von Kathen, who previously wrote material for Bawa Abudu and Split Mirrors, has created passionate and yet catchy tunes, rounded off with a generous touch of pop. 3. RABBIT, a pop rock band from Japan. Presenting a very positive sound, they formed in 2003 and split up in August 2008. More information can be found at http://www.jame-world.com/uk/database-artist.php?id=741. 4. An Australian glam rock/hard rock band featuring Dave Evans, the original singer of the band AC/DC. Active years 1973-1977, Two albums released. 5. Another Japanese rock/pop group which debuted in December 2012 under the avex trax sub-label cutting edge.

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