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Rabbit In The Moon is an electronic band from Florida. They were formed in 1992. The story of these artists is one shrouded in mystery, welling up from some primordial swampland. Rabbit In The Moon was formed in the fall of '92 by producer T.Confucius and Monk, a well-established DJ in Florida. They had already been part of throwing the first underground rave party in Florida, as well as collaborating on new forms of electronic music with their project Anarch-e, mixing club music with hardcore punk and alternative. But Confucius had an awakening one night at an underground party in Orlando, feeling there was a spiritual vibe missing from their musical adventures. So he began working on a sound that would change their musical destiny and influence the next generation of dance music forever. With Monk's enthusiasm and direction, they formed rabbit in the moon and an independent label, hallucination recordings, to release this new sound unto the masses. The future was born. As rabbit in the moon's music gained popularity in the underground, they realized the next step that had to be made. They needed to perform live, but not like everyone else - R.I.T.M had to be something special... Enter the bunny, an innovative performance artist who was fronting an industrial band in Tampa at the time... The bunny created abstract costumes that would possess him on stage. Each new character acting out strange rituals, and forcing the crowd to take part. And obviously there was no ignoring the fact that his name was Bunny! Monk had already DJ'd some of the largest clubs and underground parties in Florida, and it was at one of these events in the summer of '92 even before Rabbit's music was created, that something you could only describe as magical happened. It was at one of Monk's first large DJ appearances in Orlando, at the legendary Edge nightclub. With Confucius at his side, armed with a sampler, they created spontaneous live remixes of songs that Monk would spin, and mixed in their own original music as well. As the set progressed, at the apex of the night, with 5000 people screaming at the top of their lungs, Bunny was unleashed...a mirror clad screaming human disco ball, slithered down a rope from the rafters 2 stories above the dance floor while Monk and Confucius supplied the soundtrack. Every light in the club focused on him so that the only thing to be seen, were the colors refracting off his hanging body, and the mass of hands reaching towards the light. When Bunny reached the hands of the crowd he hung upside down as they swung him like a pendulum over their heads. As he was lowered to the crowd they did not let him touch the ground. They carried him to the stage, as if he was their sacrifice. The crowd was in a frenzy. Bunny had pulled out a grinder and put it to a metal mask that was now over his face shooting sparks 10 feet in the air. It was this foreshadowed moment that Confucius and Monk's vision for what was to become the Rabbit In The Moon live experience was now complete. With the combination of groundbreaking music, and Bunny's mind-altering performances, Rabbit was propelled to the forefront of live electronic music. In the new millennium Rabbit In The Moon's live shows have grown into full-blown productions. Including the use of live interactive video (from OVT Visuals Chicago), live instruments, vocals by Bunny, fire dancers, pyro techniques, and a cast of rotating performers.

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