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Rabbit Junk entered the world in 2004 with a self recorded, self titled full length. Originally recorded as a demo, the rough production and male/female vocal trade off appealed to fans of Atari Teenage Riot and front man JP Anderson's previous project, The Shizit. Fans demanded the release of the album in CD format, and Anderson obliged, not altering the production and keeping the record true to its original form. Rabbit Junk got the immediate attention of Metal Hammer Magazine who graced the debut with a 9/10. The album sold through its first pressing while only being available from Rabbit Junk's own web store. The success of the release encouraged Anderson to release the next Rabbit Junk album, ReFrame, in the same manner. Self released in '06, ReFrame ushered in the use of even more diverse influences, ranging from black metal to classical to hiphop. The album's success lead to a deal with Detroit based Full Effect Records, who promised Anderson 100% creative control and support in his continuing endeavor to explore new territory in the world of extreme music. From there, Anderson sought to focus his far flung influences, and began working on what would become the most ambitious Rabbit Junk album yet This Life Is Where You Get Fucked... . Arranged in three sections, each section drawing from a specific set of musical and emotional influences, This Life... would become controversial amongst the Rabbit Junk fan base and ruffle the feathers of Metal's more orthodox patrons. During late '08 and into '09, Rabbit Junk began incrementally releasing an MP3 follow up to This Life...cryptically titled Project Nonagon. Nonagon picks up where This Life...left off, continuing each section by a further 3 tracks and refining Anderson's original vision. Anderson has insisted that Project Nonagon be available for free to the public and web radio. Visit www.rabbitjunk.com/nonagon/nonagon.htm to grab your free tracks!

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