Rabies top 20 songs


Rabies biography

There are several bands named Rabies: 1. Punk band from USA. 2. Fastcore band from Czech Republic. 3. Dutch punk band. 4. Swedish punk band. 5. Russian sympho-gothic metal band. 6. Thrash Metal Band from the Philippines 1. Rabies is a punk band hailing from Venice, CA. The core of their band is the antics of their bass player Magic Spiegal. His actions include, but are not limited to: Refusing to go tour in Florida, Not owning a bass amp, Eating a chili dog while playing, Playing an outdoor show naked, Falling into a dumpster while playing, trying to put a record into a cd player, trying to put a cd into a record player, using band money to buy a herd of sheep and getting banned from soulseek. 2. Fastcore band from Czech Republic with two bassists and only one guitarist. (www.bandzone.cz/rabiesvzteklina) 3. A dutch punk band (the Hague), they released one 7'' Buzzing Sound in 1983 4. Punk band from Gothenburg formed in 1981 5. Metal band from Magnitogorsk formed in 2006 6. Thrash Metal from the Philippines.

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