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Raccoon biography

Raccoon is the pre-cursor to the band Dr. Dog featuring both Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken, having dubbed itself "schizophrenic pop," brings together melodic songwriting sensibilities, rock & roll references, and an inkling for experimentation to craft furious, devil-may-care tunes that invoke a slew of influences while remaining wholly unique. Since forming in Philadelphia in 1997, the band has drawn on an eclectic bunch of influences, from the Talking Heads to the Soft Boys, Pavement to the Clash. With a wink to the Beatles, all four members contribute songs, lyrics, and vocals. Andrew Jones on bass/vocals and Rory Connell on guitar/vocals provide the consistency that gives the band its gravity, while both Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken play as schizophrenic as their music, providing guitar, drums, and vocals. Raccoon's self-titled debut -- full of charging, classic rock riffs that collapse in on themselves and urgent, dire changes -- was released on Sonic Stream in May of 2001. There appears to be more than one Raccoon. Yet another is a techno-trance endeavor. Another is a Canadian indie-rock act from Calgary featuring members of Jane Vain and the Dark Matter. For the Acoustic-Hardcore/Punk-Rock musician from South Florida, see "Raccoon (punk)"

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