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Race Riot biography

There are two bands named Race Riot. NS band and Anti-racist band. 1) The Race Riot from Youngstown Ohio is an anti-racist band. Race Riot formed around 2008 and is working on putting their full length out in 2011. The band was originally the hardcore band Crowd Deterrent doing the more oi/punk songs that didn't fit with there more straight forward hardcore songs. The band now has members from CD and from Youngstown punk/hc band , Violent Offense. The first and only demo released for the band is called "Crew Life" about life in the SOSF crew. It had the songs 1. Race riot 2. No regrets no remorse 3. Silence 4. Wolves among men 5. Crew life. 2) Race Riot is hatecore band from Germany. Released at least two cd's.

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