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There have been at least two artists with the name Racer X: 1) U.S. heavy metal band founded in 1985, in Los Angeles, California, by guitarist Paul Gilbert (lead guitarist of the multi platinum-selling hard rock band, Mr. Big (until 1997) and bassist John Alderete (now playing for the mars volta as Juan Alderete). The band briefly remained active after Gilbert departed to join Mr. Big, but soon entered a hiatus from the early 90s until a 1999 reunion which spawned three further studio albums in quick succession as well as two live albums before the band once again entered hiatus for the members to pursue other projects. The band is notable for playing with a strong instrumental prowess and for several ties to judas priest (most notably drummer Scott Travis being a member of both bands). 2) A power pop/rock band from New York (U.S.A.) that was the project of The Speedies member Allen Zane. They only recorded one self-titled mini-LP, released on the French label New Rose Records in 1984.

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