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Rachel biography

1) A Danish singer from Aalborg. Her debutsingle "I Nat" released in March 2010, was recently remixed and six different versions were released. 2) A french 90s emo band. They released two demo tapes, a 7" on Stonehenge Records and a three way split with Peu Etre and Carther Matha on Le Brun Le Roux Corporation (1996). 3) A Dutch singer (full name Rachel Kramer), known from the band K-Otic and the dutch X-Factor where she finished 2nd in may 2009. In between K-Otic and X-Factor she released a song called We're Gonna Get Wild as part of the soundtrack to the dutch movie Snowfever. 4) A French singer who took part in the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest for France, with the song "le chant de Mallory". She became 4th. 5) Also one of the members of the danielson famile, full name rachel smith, who has recorded a version of the christmas classic 'what child is this' on the 'a familyre christmas' album (vol 1), a free downloadable christmas album from the soundsfamilyre label. 6) Rachel Traets (born 16 August, 1998 in Wouw, The Netherlands) is a Dutch artist that represented her country in the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Teenager". Rachel got the second place with 103, losing to Georgia. 7) Rachel is also an incorrect tag for a fictional character from the American series Glee. The correct artist name is Glee Cast. Fix your Tags.

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