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Rachel Fuller is a British musician. She is currently a successful independent artist, webcast host and sometime collaborator with rock legend and partner Pete Townshend. Born in Ipswich, England in July of 1973, Fuller later moved with her family to Southend-on-Sea. She started playing piano at the age of six and composing music by the age of ten. She originally wanted to be a concert performer and was a revered child prodigy. She went to St. Michaels, a private school in Leigh, where her mother was the school deputy. At fifteen Fuller won an organ scholarship to Oxford, but turned it down explaining that she would not feel comfortable there. Rachel Fuller's teenage years were filled with countless competitions, songwriting with best friend Mikey Cuthbert and a lengthy stint as organist in a funeral home, where she performed up to eleven times a day. Rachel has been dating The Who's Pete Townshend for over eight years, and they currently live together in Richmond, England. Rachel's orchestral works have been recorded by the London Chamber Orchestra and she has also orchestrated music for Pete Townshend's Lifehouse Chronicles recording and concerts at London's Sadler's Wells Theatre. She also collaborated with Delerium, performing her own track 'Touched' on their 2003 Nettwerk release 'Chimera.' 'Cigarettes and Housework', her first album, was released in 2005 and she appeared alongside Jerry Hall on Vh1's reality program Kept. Rachel currently hosts "In The Attic", a live webcast of music and guests from Townshend's Oceanic studios in London. In The Attic has begun webcasting live from many dates on the upcoming world tour of The Who. Though studiedly anarchic in presentation the broadcasts utilise state of the art satellite broadcast technology and are the first step in an attempt to change the way live performances of bands like The Who can be accessed.

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