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Rachel Goswell (born May 16 1971 in Fareham, England) is a singer-songwriter who was the guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the shoegazing group Slowdive. Following Slowdive's dissolution, Goswell joined Slowdive alumni Neil Halstead and Ian McCutcheon to form Mojave 3, an indie pop/dream pop outfit. This new outfit also included Simon Rowe (of Chapterhouse fame) and Alan Forrester. The year 2004 saw Goswell release solo recordings with co-writer Joe Light and producer David Naughton. Nine months after Mojave 3 released Spoon and Rafter, she released The Sleep Shelter EP. Waves Are Universal, her first full-length recording, appeared a month later. In 2005, a limited edition remix 12" (now available as a download) entitled Coastline / Plucked was issued. This recording, released on Valentine's Day, features two mixes apiece from The Earlies and Ulrich Schnauss. Goswell was married to Cuba's Christopher Andrews from 1994 until 2000. Recently Goswell has fallen ill. For the past year she has been fighting very serious ear infections that have caused her to lose hearing in one ear and problems with her balance. Because of her medical condition Goswell will not be able to go on tour to support Mojave 3's new album.

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